Listen to the EP here:

Once the dulcet tones and expertly blended sonic layers of The Relative reach your ears, it won’t matter that you don’t know what a phonoscene is because the answer will be right before you: a band from New York that you need to hear ASAP. The debut EP from Phonoscenes showcases the Columbia-based 5-piece outfit’s diversity and variety.

The pacing of the record is effortless (a quality that we should just accept as a hallmark of any Mama Coco’s release at this point). Where Phonoscenes shines is in their usage of the prototypical elements of a rock band to create dynamic, swirling textures of guitars and vocals that are consistently unexpected and executed with an unquestionably deliberate fluidity. None of the four tracks can be used as a template to approximate any of the others—this album should be listened to as a whole to fully grasp the essence of Phonoscenes.

The opening track, “Room is Still Spinning,” is aptly titled. Beginning with sparse and fuzzy guitar chords, the music dizzyingly accelerates into a biting groove that launches Cameron Erdogan’s warm and rhythmic vocals. “Premonitions” takes a more cerebral turn and showcases Spencer Cunningham’s vocal talents on lead backed by sweet harmonies. The track builds until reaching a breaking point that explodes into cathartic breakdown, pinned by Jacob Sunshine’s guttural bass playing and drummer Isaac Bunch’s fat pocket. Final singer/guitarist Dan Girma trades off with Erdogan on “Concrete”—probably the rawest track on the EP and a pure statement of badassery. This urbane vibe continues through the final track, “Red Line,” the band’s first single released back in December.

Phonoscenes debut record is an organic mesh of tone and groove—waves of sound that gracefully flow into each other without losing sight of the hard-edged grit that will have hanging off your seat. Anyway, why are you still reading this? Go listen now! My paltry words cannot compare.

-Spencer Horstman

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen is a DIY recording studio, record label, musician’s collective and brain hive located in Brooklyn, NY. If you’d like to be taken off this list, just ask!