We’re in the New York Times!

Moscow 57 Presents Kapowski’s In September, the restaurant and cabaret Moscow 57 will turn into this new boîte for Russian and Central Asian small plates. Tony Powe, who was the owner of the bar 2nd Floor on Clinton, which is closing, has teamed up with Ellen Kaye and her partners who own Moscow 57. The … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve At Moscow 57

Celebrate the New Year with Moscow 57! Our New Year’s Music Schedule Wednesday, December 31st- NEW YEAR’S EVE 9:30pm-1:30am Ellen Kaye, Cleve Douglass and Laura Foulke Thursday, January 1st – NEW YEAR’S DAY 12pm Brunch: Grace Garland 7pm: The Moody Garlands 8pm: Laura Foulke 9pm: Claire Rodman Ellen Kaye with Ethan Fein and the M57 … Continue reading

About Moscow 57

About Moscow 57

Moscow 57 is a new Russian Central Asian restaurant from a New Yorker’s perspective with live music, at 168 ½ Delancey Street on New York’s Lower East Side.  The restaurant features a mix of live blues, folk, world music and jazz nightly. On Sundays, we will stream a weekly live M57 podcast.  Moscow 57 was started several years ago by Ellen Kaye and … Continue reading