Cici James

Cici lights

Cici James:  Vocalist/Writer/Producer

Cici has been a part of the M57 Crew for over a year now – you can hear on our podcasts and on our upcoming M57 On-Air Urban Salon CD. They call her “torch siren,” “dance diva,” “punk princess,” or even “dixie queen”. Cici’s headlined venues highbrow and low, from Lincoln Center to the dirtiest dive, and loved every second. Perennial front woman, occasional lyricist, and long-time member of the infamous Loser’s Lounge, she likes to keep herself busy with projects like Steely Dance and a collaboration with EDM upstart Prince Fox. When she’s not making music, Cici makes books. A co-founder of Singularity&Co, NYC’s only bookstore dedicated to vintage science fiction and fantasy, she and the S&Co team also run an indie publisher devoted to republishing forgotten sci-fi stories for the future they helped us imagine – but only with permission from the authors or their estates.

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