Moscow 57 on Delancey


“Here’s the thing about Moscow 57: It’s always a party, and you are always invited.”

-The LoDown NY – Jennifer Strom | Read the article




Olympic Inspired Russian Eats
We were thrilled to meet Joelle Garguilo – the interview was a blast! Kathryn Sheldon was the segment producer and we’re so glad she discovered us.
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Moscow 57 on Delancey Street and More Restaurant Openings
By Florence Fabricant

It’s not damning with faint praise to say that this lipstick-red bandbox of a restaurant in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge has what may be the best children’s menu in town. Kebabs, pelmeni dumplings, sour cherry rice, borscht and mashed potatoes with sour cream and garlic do not talk down to youngsters…



Russian Tea Room owners’ daughter opens new hot spot
By Ian Mohr
The Russian Tea Room was once a haunt for show-business power players – including director Sydney Pollack (who shot a scene in “Tootsie” there with Dustin Hoffman), ICM agent Sam Cohn (who ate there daily and whose clients included Paul Newman and Meryl Streep), former Warner Bros. president of production Mark Rosenberg and Woody Allen…
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Red Room Meet Moscow 57. It’s Special.

Christ, it looks like Russia out there.
Oh hey, it looks like Russia in here, too…
Bid a hearty привет to Moscow 57, an eclectic Russian/Central Asian dinner-and-live-music spot, opening tonight on the LES at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. Know this…

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“Moscow 57 is Putting Down Restaurant Roots”by Florence Fabricant

Read about it in The New York Times here!


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