Slow Food New Orleans

slow food nolaIn 1986, the founding father of the Slow Food Movement, Carlo Petrini recognized that the industrialization of food was standardizing taste and leading to the annihilation of thousands of food varieties and flavors. He wanted to reach out to consumers and demonstrate to them that they have choices over fast food and supermarket homogenization. He rallied his friends and his community, and began to speak out at every available opportunity about the effects of a fast culture.

Soon after, Petrini realized that in order to keep those alternative food choices alive, it was imperative to be an eco-gastronomic movement – one that is ecologically minded and concerned with sustainability and sees the connection between the plate and the planet. With the preservation of taste at the forefront, he sought to support and protect small growers and artisanal producers, support and protect the physical environment, and promote biodiversity.

Today, the organization that Petrini and his colleagues founded is active in over 100 countries and has a worldwide membership of over 80,000.Slow Food USA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting and celebrating the food traditions of North America through programs and activities dedicated to Taste Education , Defending Biodiversity and Building Food Communities .

Slow Food New Orleans is dedicated to celebrating the people, food, and culture of New Orleans.  Find out more about them at

Slow Food International’s link can be found at

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