Helene Gresser


Helene is a comedian, actress, and writer. Sometimes she writes funny songs. She may also serve you a drink tonight, and possibly some food. She co-created the webisode series “Hey Rude” and has been featured on the Tyra Banks show discussing rude behavior, even though she was so heavily made-up she could barely open her falsie-laden eyelids. Currently she is working on her one-woman, autobiographical comedy show, tentatively titled “SHEEZUS! (Comin’ To Get Ya!)” in which she reads from her very DRAMATIC childhood journals and occasionally breaks out into songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. Helene is also opening her delightfully cozy thrift store, Artistic Thrift, in her Ridgewood, Queens neighborhood, and hopes you come by to listen to ole-timey vinyl records and peruse her vast collection of tchotchkes, thingamajigs, and doo-dads. Originally from Shorewood, Wisconsin, she credits below-zero temperatures and consumption of vast quantities of sausage, cheese, and beer for her family’s bizarre sense of humor. Her brother John is far funnier, but he lives in Milwaukee, so he cannot steal her limelight now, thank Sheezus.