January 11, 2013

Posted January 11, 2013, originally emailed October 1, 2010.
After a short time, I was encouraged to do some more encouragement. This was early in my M57 career, and obviously I hadn’t yet started my evolution into the M57 Nudzh. Here was my second blurb.
“It will be a thousand years before Grant’s character is fully appreciated. Grant is the greatest soldier of our time if not all time… he fixes in his mind what is the true objective and abandons all minor ones. He dismisses all possibility of defeat. he believes in himself and in victory. If his plans go wrong he is never disconcerted but promptly devises a new one and is sure to win in the end. Grant more nearly impersonated the American character of 1861-65 than any other living man. Therefore he will stand as the typical hero of the great Civil War in America.” — Union General William Tecumseh Sherman

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