Leah McCloskey


Curator & Exhibiting

Leah curates our visual arts program. When Leah is asked: “What is it about chickens that keep you so engaged?” She says “It all started with a small Bantum Rooster that I met at the Troy farmers market. He led me to the NE Poultry Congress in Springfield, MA where I was introduced to the world of Heritage Breed Poultry. In many ways these wonderful birds remind me of my days as a scout in the fashion industry, the roosters strut like models down runways, showing off the colors and patterns of their feathers like the latest in Fall fashion. The fact is that it’s not so much the chicken itself that is fascinating, I find the organic shape to be a perfect starting point for my work. I can basically do anything, in any color, in any medium and the shape is so familiar an icon to the viewer that it is recognized as ‘chicken'”. Today Leah splits her time between her work in NYC as Exhibition Outreach Program Director at the Art Students League of New York and her studio/home in Salem, NY.

Leah featured in City Girl in Red Lipstick

Leah featured in Keep it Chic post!


For more of Leah’s art, please visit this site: http://moscow57.com/visual.html

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