Carol Pulitzer

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Artist and writer Carol Pulitzer writes about New Orleans people and places for NolaVie. Read her blog of illustrated super short stories at; her story Carmelita was a semi-finalist for the Walker Percy Prize in Short Fiction at Loyola University. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Anchorage Daily News, Mother Earth News, Senior Golfer, Spirituality and Health. She also designed the Krewe of Iris flag that hangs at Mardi Gras. Carol is also a College Essay and Personal Writing Coach. She is an awesome cook and baker, her specialty being The Savior Torte, a Viennese flourless chocolate walnut torte.  She attended the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, graduated with honors from the New York Restaurant School, and worked for five years at The Cook’s Library, Los Angeles, where she got to read cookbooks and talk about recipes for 8 hours a day, two times a week. She never did master the cash register, especially returns and gift purchase cards. She can be reached at

Carol Pulitzer wrote a wonderful article about Moscow 57, read it here

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