Nailah Lamees


California native Nailah Lamees p.k.a. Nyla Rivera emcee, radio-host, writer, and music executive of G.L.A.M. Group, has established herself as a music entertainment mogul in the making.  Starting her early years in hip-hop as a female emcee, she made the transition to working and developing other talented acts, while also crafting her love for the microphone on another alternative platform. Radio and broadcasting.

Having experience with building and being a part of many successful projects. Nabila has launched her own music label with its first signee G.L.A.M x Good Lyrics and Music building a successful network to expand on media and communications platforms.

Having toured with many hip-hop notables, from P-Diddy, Tupac Shakur, and Kid-Rock, Nailah’s diverse back-ground has given her the skill set to become powerful women amongst a predominately male arena.

Nyla has been on a mission to take her broad-based audience to a higher level with her irresistible blend of femme fatale charisma, fun-loving energy and in-your-face commentary. You cant put a price on self-respect because its not for sale ”Nailah quotes When it comes to grippin a mic, her lyrics run deep, giving the listener a glimpse into her soul. Game Savvi means deep and experienced in the game, explains Nailah. She’s a heavyweight in the game of music, life, and the underworld the latter of which she gave up to dedicate herself to emceeing, performing, and raising her daughter, music prodigy Nacolbie Jane known as G.L.A.M.