Giomar Cepeda


Giomar Cepeda: Drums

Giomar grew up in Santo Domingo, where he began to play drums at church when he was sixteen years old. His passion for the instrument led him to discover diverse genres of music, such as Latin rock, pop, jazz.  As a teenager, Giomar was greatly influenced by Latin rock acts such as “Mana”. He started the Latin rock band “Tocando la Cruz” (“Touching the Cross”) in 2004, and released the band’s self-produced debut album “Final Batalla” the same year. In 2009, Giomar moved to New York City and started playing with different bands such as Madera Metal, Zeo Munoz, A-cam, Obrien Luna, Valentin Mesa, and the Moscow 57 Band.

Check out Gio Cepeda’s Facebook page here

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