Daniele Richiedei

Foto-RichiedeiJazz Violinist

Website: http://danielerichiedei.it/

Daniele’s Facebook Page

Currently: Performing with Ryan Blotnick

Daniele likes to describe his music as “written and improvised contemporary music” and has been trained in classical, Irish folk, kletzmer, country rock, blues, and jazz.  He is a member of  “Teatro Grande” of Brescia, and also does solo recitals of his own improvisations.  Daniele has studied across Europe, and holds multiple degrees that include graduating with honor.  In 2013 he won the “Zorzella” award in Verona, Italy for Best Italian Jazz Talent.

We are very excited to be working with Daniele in multiple upcoming events, such as our M57 On Air Podcast on Thursday, June 6th, our Pop Up at Sidewalk Café on Wednesday, June 19th, and our Pop Up at Corcho Wine Room on Monday, June 24th!  Check the event pages for further information.

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