Cyd Claire

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Cyd Claire is an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana – a writer, singer, guitarist, pianist, and genuine material-world enthusiast. Not everything is art, but most anything has the potential.

At age 7, Cyd’s space was on the right half of her father’s piano bench.  Fast forward 5 years, and Cyd found herself with a guitar, lyric-filled journals, and unabashed curiosity playing regular gigs anywhere she could bring people together with her voice all the while establishing a comfortable, uplifting network of like-minded artists – whether they were old heads at a hole-in-the wall cafe or music production students at a local university.

Now, after 10 years of dipping into almost every entertainment pool possible, Cyd has found the right environment for creating that network. Her left and right brain are currently straddling the line of a Cultural Anthropology student at Columbia University in New York City and a topline Pop writing career she established in Los Angeles in 2012.

Cyd continues to build her body of original work for her own acoustic project. She is also collaborating with various artists, writers, and producers as a guest musician, vocalist, and writer both in New York and Los Angeles.

Her heart and true source of inspiration lies in her hometown — that crescent city shaped like a bowl.


Influences Glenn Hedgpeth, Joni Mitchell, Marilynn Robinson, Carole King, Beastie Boys, Carly Simon, Nina Simone, Heart, Metallica, Tegan and Sara, First Aid Kit, Woody Allen, Cyndi Lauper, Jonathan Larson, and Wayne Wildrick from Man Overboard