SD26 Restaurant


Madison Square Park, 19 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010

San Domenico New York set the standards for contemporary Italian Cuisine in America since 1988. The food is at once simple, flavorful, light and very Italian. The essence of the Italian-designed space, the contemporary interpretation of Italian cuisine, and a 750-labels wine list, featuring the tremendous stride made by the Italian wine producers, combined for a joyous rediscovery of fine Italian dining, that now continues in our new restaurant.


The new San Domenico New York is named SD26. The new Restaurant concept has actually evolved… The new SD26 logo repositions the new restaurant image; young, contemporary and accessible. The new SD26 is an American interpretation of Italian/Mediterranean food, wine and lifestyle. The new SD26 philosophy is one of simplicity, tied-in to a cuisine that considers today’s nutritional values and the Consumer’s wish to move away from the established way of enjoying a restaurant experience. The Restaurant today is entertainment… ambiance as theater… food has to be fun… service unobtrusive and efficient… quality that meets their expectations… price that conveys perceived value. The whole experience has to be unforgettable. That’s SD26.

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