Miriam Meghnagi

Miriam Meghnagi


Miriam Meghnagi is an acclaimed Italian signer who has performed across the globe in countries such as Israel, Greece, Turkey, Canada, the United States, and throughout Latin America.  She has also written poetry, magazine articles, and essays advocating for peace among religions.  Born into an ancient Jewish family in  Tripoli, Miriam is considered one of the main vocal interpreters of Jewish musical heritage.

In the upcoming year, Miriam continues to be active in multiple venues.  On June 22nd she will be performing as well as discussing Judaism and music in Rome, giving a concert in Venice on July 4th, and participating in the “Ville e Giardini” Festival on August 9th.  In October, Miriam will act and sing in a concert dedicated to the citizens of Lanciano during World War II who resisted and attacked German soldiers on October 6, 1943.

Miriam is also in post-production of “The Passion of Joshua the Jew” soundtrack for the film by Pasquale Scimeca which won several prizes and is available in DVD in the United States.  The soundtrack and music for the film was written and performed by Miriam in multiple languages.

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