HOBOHEMIA: Dark Shadows, The True Story: Come to me. I command you…

Angelique: You wish you’d never met me. But you did. And nothing can change it… Come to me. I command you to turn around. Look into my eyes. Deep into my eyes. You have no will of your own. You cannot resist me…
Dark Shadows, The TV Series

This week we are living the soap opera, arrive any night in the garb of one of the shows creatures and receive a dark, tormented cocktail from us.

This Week’s Live Music:

Wednesday – Dark Shadows fall
Rob Cookman & Friends – 9-11pm
Ellen Kaye with Ethan Fein – 11pm -12am

Thursday – Dark Shadows fall further
Claire Rodman, Nicole Zaray,
Ellen Kaye with Ethan Fein – 8-12pm

Friday – Dark Shadows consume us
Ellen Kaye with Ethan Fein – 8-9pm
Stephen Benson with Will Gallison – 9-12am
Jeff Kreisler sings the blues about 9pm if we all wish on it hard enough…

Saturday – Dark Shadows own us
Helene Gresser – yes, it’s true, with the boots, heck yes
Amanda “Sugar Plum” Mottur dances the whirling dervish
Seth Goldman sings and dances and may yodel
Claire Rodman bestows joy all around us
Ellen Kaye
Ethan Fein with Rex Benincasa – 9-1am

Sunday – Dark Shadows set us free
Ellen Kaye – 7-9pm

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