Norris Burroughs – My Madonna

Fam NB in hat

A Madonna BookCoverExcerpts from My Madonna by Norris Burroughs:

‘I suggested that we go out for a bite to eat. There was no place west of her apartment, but on Broadway under the Elevated train was a small restaurant that served Cuban food and good strong espresso. We ordered coffee and flan, a caramel custard dessert and Madonna looked out of the window onto the crowded sidewalk. A lithe young Puerto Rican boy sauntered by and I saw her give him the once over.
“It’s intense here,” she said, “but I like it. It’s full of life. I’m realizing how much I like Latin music. This isn’t New York here. It’s more like Nueva York. You seem to know your way around the streets pretty well here.”
“Well sure. This is pretty much where I came from.”
Where we sat was less than a mile from the street that I was born on. I’d lived on East 123rd street until I was five, then moved to the relative serenity and greenery of the North East Bronx.’
 ‘When I returned to New York, I took up with a girl
named Ellen, who was the daughter of Sidney Kaye, owner
of The Russian Tea Room. She was a great torch singer, and
we spent our weekends singing and drinking Jack Daniels at
a Bleecker Street bar called The Surf Maid with a cool pianist
named Claude Garvey. I decided to forget about pop music
and pursuing the fleeting dream of rock stardom.’

Burroughs also toured Europe with the House Music group, Kraze, in the late 90’s:

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