Episode 2


Episode 2 begins a tale of two cities as we celebrate the music and culture of New Orleans and New York City. Guests include New York-based vocalist and science fiction bookstore owner Cici James, percussionist and world music pioneer Kevin Nathaniel, who has been playing and building mbiras since 1982, artist and M57 Curator Leah McCloskey. From the Big Easy: New Orleans author of The Gravy; In the Kitchen with New Orleans Musicians and food editor of OffBeat magazine Elsa Hahne, founder and director of the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation and New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Bethany Ewald Bultman and artist Emilie Rhys, daughter of artist Noel Rockmore. Seth Goldman co-hosts and Ellen Kaye co-hosts and performs with Ethan Fein and the M57 Band featuring Benjamin Franklin Brown on bass and Gio Cepeda on drums.

Listen to the episode here!

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